kyou kara maou wallpaper

After a long long time (January?) I'm finally posting something again, life sometimes get into my way :P, there are so many wonderful fics out there that inspired me to make a nice wallpaper, but unfortunately I don't have enough time anymore, so I plan to make every wallpaper promised/plan in the last few months :D. So here is the first one, inspired by the fic the slashing opera by shiny-kun.


looking into my wallpaper carpet I found this one and I think I never post it :P, so I'll do it now and I'm thinking of making a master list for all the wallpapers/icons I have made so far but I'm not really sure how I could put the categories if you have some idea please let me know :D

The beginning and the end of the world (7/?)

Title: The beginning and the end of the world (7/?)

Pairings/characters: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OMC maybe, Torchwood team.

Rating: PG-15

Spoilers: Post-Meat

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood.

Summary: When Ianto Jones was 8 years old, the world ended, he just doesn’t remember it.

Thanks to [info]captain_bdsm for being my beta.

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